About Us

Recreation Enterprises Inc., home of Shuffleboard.com, has been serving South Florida for over 37 years. Our motivated team currently handles over 600 facilities in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We are South Florida’s Outdoor Shuffleboard equipment and Court Surfacing provider. 
We offer all your Outdoor Shuffleboard needs from full shuffleboard sets, to replacement parts, to regular shuffleboard court maintenance, and refinishing and resurfacing cracked or faded courts. 
Our team provides professional service and expert advice to condominiums, apartments, schools, mobile parks, resorts, motels, hotels, shuffleboard clubs, and individual homeowners. Depending on the needs of the court, we determine which of the following options is ideal to bring the luster back to your court and you actively enjoying the game. 

We Offer: 

  • Court Cleaning- Pressure clean courts and gutters and apply regulation white lines and numbers. 
  • Court Refinishing- Pressure clean courts and gutters, apply two (2) coats of green stain to the playing surface, and apply regulation white lines and numbers. 
  • Court Resurfacing-Pressure clean courts and gutters, apply textured resurfacing material to the playing surface and finish by applying regulation white lines and numbers. 
  • Court Maintenance- We also will work with you to create a customized maintenance scheduled based on the amount of court activity, location, and interaction with the elements. 
We treat every job like it was in our own backyard and we were paying to have the work done ourselves. Upon your first visit you will be greeted by our founder and president Don Cleveland to ensure the job is properly inspected, the best maintenance option is selected, and that the job is completed on time and within budget. 
While there, Don will gladly inspect your equipment and make suggestions where necessary. Often replacement parts, not full shuffleboard sets or cues, are all that is needed. 
To get in touch visit our contact us page.